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            企業概覽 About us

            LROND利銳德 - 致力于精密工業制造,與工業自動化系統裝備研發、生產,為全球客戶供應【精密】和【鋒利】產品的國際企業,在德國科隆和中國香港都設立了控股總公司。

            LROND International enterprises, which are committed to precision industrial manufacturing, promote the development of industrial automation and provide precision and sharp products to global customers, have set up holding group companies in Germany and (China)Hong Kong.


            利銳德LROND是工業自動化的創新推動者,在研發和制造氣壓分切刀、高端分切刀、機械刀片、精密刀具和模具、圓刀、直刀、齒刀 等產品領域,同樣卓越!

            We are LROND Automatic Slitting equipment a driver of innovation, even in development and manufacturing of Air pressure Slitter knives, High end Slitter knives, Saw Blade & Mold, Circular Blade, Straight Blade, Mechanical blade!


            創新價值 Innovative value
            可持續發展 Sustainability strategy


            Since 1998, LROND has continuously increased investment in talents and technology, innovated R & D products, and laid out industrial manufacturing. The goal is to create value for customers, enterprises and society.



            In 2020, we have three R & D and design centers and six manufacturing bases in the world. We have full confidence in the future!

            Precision manufacturing